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Web4trainer gives the user the benefits of simple applications with many special functions developed by trainers which have been used in all sporting fields since 2003. The technology offers trainers and athletes an overview of the training plan and the training actually completed. Being online allows real-time communication world-wide and so perfect preparation, also for competitions. The free trial period is an excellent opportunity to get to know the functionality and simplicity of the software. Training will be conducted by an experienced trainer who will address your individual requirements and create your own training group, so that you can trial the software with your athletes for one month – for free and without obligation.


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Scope of function

An overview of all the web4trainer functions

Take advantage of the full potential offered by web4trainer®. Training units over different time periods (days, weeks, months, years) can be planned with minimal effort. The weekly or monthly view provides an overview of all athletes. Integration allows everything from endurance units through weights training to mental training to be attached to each plan. Performance diagnostics can also be integrated, enabling the complex interactivity of training science to be clearly visible. To further simplify the training plan, personalized templates can be created, into which individual units from training days can be moved with a ‘drag-and-drop’ function, so that these can be worked on further as required.

The template library lies at the heart of the web4trainer® training platform.
Trainers are able to document their knowledge and skills in the training templates. The pool of templates can be used by one or more trainers of a training group and can be arranged by person or by sport. This core functionality can save a lot of precious time when planning trainings.

The planning overview is a useful tool for keeping track of a large number of athletes. It provides an overview of which trainings have been planned for each athlete, for which time period, and what training data or information are available for the trainer.

Design the perfect training diary for athletes. Of course the settings can be changed to suit each and every customer. Training achievements can be recorded and every participant can rightly feel individually looked after. Web4trainer® is also compatible with many pulse and performance measuring devices, so that training data and files can be imported directly into the diary. Manual entries or changes are also possible at any time.

web4trainer® offers a wealth of fields that can be individually combined. From distance and energy consumption to personal feelings about sessions, mental training, weather, sleep and much more – the web4trainer® diary has everything.

Best possible compatibility with the most common pulse and performance measuring devices guarantees a smooth upload of pulse rate, GPS and power values into the diary. All the diary entries can, of course, be presented in evaluations for any time period.

Results from individual performance diagnostics (pulse, power, etc) can be integrated directly in training plans, making it easy to generate pulse rates. Training units regulated by time or performance can be then precisely specified without further effort.

web4trainer® offers several ways to import performance measurement or watt files quickly and easily. The files are analysed and all relevant values calculated and recorded, such as average maximum watt from 5 seconds to 45 minutes, total effort, or load factor. The option of organizing power intensity fields by step frequency is unique. All the extensive data can be presented clearly in evaluations.

Both trainer and athletes have many ways to communicate with each other. The trainer is able to write a short comment as an entry in the athlete’s diary, which the athlete can see in the platform but also via an email. The same is true in reverse. The athlete can inform the trainer at any time about so-called ‘trainer info’, such as competitions or news. This can significantly reduce email and telephone correspondence, while at the same time keeping all data and information in one central place.

The graphs and comparisons are very motivating for athletes and provide the trainer with time-saving but scientific analyses. Intensity periods, strength techniques, total weight after weight trainings, and all activated diary fields can be presented simply and clearly in graphs or tables in the web4trainer® evaluation section. These are possible for every time period imaginable, such as over a complete season, monthly, weekly, or even from Day X to Day Y.

Data from blood tests, performance diagnostics, training specifications, training records, or evaluations can be made public or with restricted access. The unique rights system allows specific data to be made available to external committees. Who, when, what and how much can be seen – the user has total control.

The training platform can be completely integrated into a trainer’s service provision through its personalised layouts and designs.

Total flexibility

Virtually all the functions have changeable settings. Intensity symbols, number of sports, training diary fields or graph colours are just a few examples of the wide range of possibilities. Allocating specific rights allows a whole network with several sub-trainers or division trainers to be created.

Design and Layout

Making the web4trainer® software complementary to a personalised layout and design allows the platform to be completely integrated into an existing service provision. Registration or logging in can then be done via the trainer’s homepage.

web4trainer will provide training in the operation of the training platform, combined with explanations of its scientific content. We will match the platform design to the trainer’s website. Should questions or issues about the use of the training platform arise, we can be contacted at any time. We are at your service!

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