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Power measurement by bicycle


Watt-files can be imported easily and quickly into web4trainer® in a number of ways.  Tools from the company Garmin can be selected directly from the diary, without need for additional software.  Imported files will automatically be analysed, with all relevant values – such as av.max.watt from 5 seconds to 45 minutes, total overall strain, or load factors – being calculated and recorded within seconds.  Uniquely, power-related intensity can be defined according to pedal frequency.  All data is clearly and comprehensively shown in the analyses.

Heart rate variability


Use the mobile diagnostics that we have developed with HRV-Coaching to optimise daily training.  To prevent over-training, and to know every day if the last training unit had been managed successfully, are just some of the possibilities of this practical system.






Performance diagnosis


Integrate individual performance diagnoses into training plans, by individual variables. This makes entering individual pulse rates very simple. Time- or performance-based training units can precisely and easily be entered.

Transparent athlete


You can make available blood-test data, performance diagnostics, training instructions, documentation or analyses.  Through our unique access system, you can let external organisations see specific data.  Who, when, what and how much can be seen – that is 100% for you to decide!